Venous Malformation

      Venous malformations involve only venous structures and are usually incidental findings on MR, CT or arteriography. Venous malformations are less likely to bleed than the arteriovenous variety. Those that are located in the cerebellum or brainstem seem to be at a higher risk for bleeding than the supratentorial ones. Also, cavernous angiomas have been shown to be associated with some venous angiomas, which may increase the risk of hemorrhage. Endnote

      Venous malformations have a characteristic appearance on MR and contrast-enhanced CT scans. A radial pattern of small veins join to form a single large vein that drains toward the cortical surface. Drainage into the deep venous system is uncommon. Usually, flow is sufficiently fast to produce a flow void on spin-echo MR images. They are also routinely visualized with MR angiography. Endnote  

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