Lacrimal Region

      If a mass is found in the superolateral quadrant of the orbit, one should consider dermoid cysts and lacrimal gland masses. Dermoid cysts arise from epithelial rests found at sutural sites within the orbit. They often have cystic centers with variable enhancement of the perimeter. The cyst contents are frequently low density on CT and exhibit T1 shortening on MR, and a fluid level may be present.

      Fifty percent of lacrimal gland tumors are pleomorphic adenomas and the other half are malignant. The malignant category includes predominantly adenocystic, pleomorphic, and mucoepidermoid carcinoma. The lacrimal tumors have few distinguishing imaging features, showing mostly a homogeneous character and moderate contrast enhancement. Poorly defined margins with bone destruction suggests a malignancy, but even the malignant lesions can be relatively well-defined.  

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